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How many starters did the Jaguars draft?

Alabama v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While most have classified the Jacksonville Jaguars 2018 NFL Draft class as good, looking a little deeper at it there are some things we can break down. We know for sure they upgraded their depth at certain areas, some areas which already have great depth, but the real question is...

How many starters did the Jaguars draft?

I think you can break this down into “instant” and “future”.

Instant Starters: None

I don’t think anyone the Jaguars drafted will be an instant starter, excluding the obvious punter pick. I think D.J. Chark and Taven Bryan will see a lot of playing time, I don’t think any of them will be a Day 1 starter. Of the picks, I think Will Richardson has the best chance of being a Day 1 starter, but he’s likely going to have to win a job at a position he’s never played before.

Future Starters: Chark, Harrison, Bryan and Richardson

While I don’t think they drafted any immediate starters, I think the hope is they ended up with four future starters because of the value they got with their picks. Bryan is likely going to slot in as a starter after the 2018 season, though if players like Calais Campbell etc. keep him on the bench, that’s not really a bad thing. Harrison seems to be Barry Church’s eventual replacement and both Richardson and Chark should find their way into being full-time starters soon, hopefully.