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Anonymous NFL execs talk about Taven Bryan

The infamous “anonymous” NFL executives have weighed in on the Jacksonville Jaguars picking Taven Bryan at No. 29 overall.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The anonymous executives are at it again, folks — and this time they’re talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars and first round pick Taven Bryan.

ESPN compiled anonymous executive comments on every team’s picks and Bryan was as polarizing as any other rookie.

Here are some of their comments:

”You can never have enough pass-rushers,” an evaluator said. “Bryan has a great first step. He is really, really raw, but the Jaguars do have a good teaching D-line. You can see the kid’s raw talent as an athlete. He just needs to be taught. Having his dad be a former Navy SEAL, I don’t think effort is going to be an issue.”

”From an interior position, you get doubled so much in pass rush that unless you are really a dominant force, it is tough to provide the value,” this insider said. “Where are you going to spend your money when building a team?”

”[Bryan] is a good pick for them because he is a penetrator,” another exec said. “You could ask why they didn’t try to go up and get a receiver or something like that to help them on offense or an offensive lineman. We had Taven in the second round, but he fits their style of play.”

I think there’s some truth to each of the comments, but I think all of them are overlooking the obvious — this defensive line is going to see a tremendous amount of turnover next offseason. Calais Campbell will be 32 before the 2019 regular season begins. Dante Fowler didn’t have his fifth-year option picked up and could be on his way out at the same time. Who’s to say Marcell Dareus will stay?

What do you think? Were the anonymous executive comments about what you’d expect? More positive? Less positive?