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Calais Campbell and Taven Bryan talk often

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-OTA Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars surprised a lot of people with the selection of Florida defensive lineman Taven Bryan. He was expected to be a first round pick, but many figured the Jaguars were “set” on the defensive line. Clearly the Jaguars didn’t think so and added the versatile athletic defensive lineman into the fold.

My personal assumption is that Bryan is going to take on the same type of role as All-Pro defensive lineman Calais Campbell, playing both defensive end and defensive tackle. Bryan fits that skill-set and athletic profile of someone able to do that. Coincidentally, it looks like Campbell is always in Bryan’s ear helping him make the adjustment.

“We talk often. He is definitely eager to learn. He’s still learning the system, so he’s trying to learn the actual plays and the techniques to use in certain situations that can give him advantages and stuff,” Campbell said on Thursday when asked about advise Bryan has asked him for. “He is really learning the basics right now. I try to give him a lot of information and see what he can retain. He’s a very talented player and has shown a lot of flash, a lot of potential. I’m just eager to see what he does when we put pads on him. It is a long way away. He’s getting better each day.”

Bryan figures to be in the Jaguars defensive line rotation on game day, though exactly how much remains to be seen and is likely related to how much Bryan adjusts to the NFL level where he can’t just rely on his quickness and off the snap ability.

I can’t think of a better player, as Tom Coughlin would put it, to fetch coffee for than Campbell.