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87 days until kickoff: Keenan “Thunder” McCardell

Keenan McCardell #87

With just 87 days until the NFL regular season kicks off, let’s talk about the greatest No. 87 in Jacksonville Jaguars history — Keenan McCardell!

Keenan McCardell (1996-2001)

He played 17 years in the NFL, six of which were with the Jaguars. He was the perfect complement to Jimmy Smith in the late 1990's, fearlessly catching passes over the middle and earning the "thunder" half of the "thunder and lightning" nickname with Smith. He and Smith caught more passes for more yards between 1996 and 2001 then any other duo at any other time in the NFL.

McCardell rarely dropped passes, rarely fumbled, was fast, strong, an excellent route-runner, and besides Smith, no Jaguars receiver has ever come close to matching his talent on the field. His 11,373 yards puts him firmly in the top 40 receivers to ever play the game.

And now McCardell is teaching this generation’s class of Jaguars receivers, serving as the team’s receivers coach since being hired in 2017.