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Park Stories releases mini-documentary on Jalen Ramsey

I would run through a wall for Jalen Ramsey, and you would too after watching this.

NFL: AFC Championship-Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Ramsey tweeted out a mini-documentary detailing his life on and off the field. Highlighted in the mini-documentary are insights into his relationships with his father and older brother. He sounds off on everything from his views on fatherhood to the emotions surrounding his first start at FSU.

One of the topics touched upon is the notion that Ramsey can rely on his physical gifts to succeed. At 6’1” and 208 pounds with great speed and long arms, Ramsey is an imposing physical specimen able to cover any style of receiver. From the video however, it’s quite apparent that Ramsey also has the work ethic to match. It’s an underrated aspect of his development, as Wash and Marrone have both mentioned that Ramsey is a film junkie and avid student of the game. The documentary makes clear that Ramsey works as hard as anyone in the league.

Jalen Ramsey is quickly on his way to becoming the best cornerback to don the Jaguars uniform, and the video only confirms what we’ve all known since he stepped on the field for the first time against the Packers in 2016:

Jalen’s going to be a stud for a long time.

You can watch the documentary here: