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71 days until kickoff: Is Tony Boselli the greatest Jaguars player ever?

Tony Boselli Jaguars

With just 71 days until the 2018 NFL regular season kicks off, let’s talk abo—oh whatever, y’all know we’re gonna talk about Tony Boselli.

If you’re a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, you already know the deal with Boselli. The dude was an absolutely dominate player when healthy but, unfortunately, his career lasted just seven seasons here in Duval due to injuries. I think many Jaguars fans believe he would be a first-ballot Hall of Fame selection if he had played for longer.

All in all, Boselli appeared in 91 games, starting 90 of them, for the Jaguars. His five Pro Bowl nods came in consecutive seasons from 1996 through 2000. His three All-Pro selections came consecutively as well (1997-1999).

My question to you — is Boselli the greatest Jaguars player ever?

He had a shorter window than guys like Jimmy Smith or Fred Taylor, but he was absolutely dominant during that time.

Let us know in the comments below!