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69 days until kickoff: What was the #nicest moment of the 2017 season?

We are 69 days away from the 2018 NFL regular season kickoff and what better day to talk about #nice moments from last year’s Jacksonville Jaguars team.

This team last season was tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes. They were sick of opponents consistently looking past them and onto the next game. They heard the jokes about their quarterback and went for the jugular.

In short, this team was done being the league’s doormat — turning from Dr. Jekyll into Mr. Hyde seemingly overnight. This was a team that skipped the “we’re improving” phase, started playing good football all while having both middle fingers raised in anyone and everyone’s direction.

So let’s talk about #nice moments last season.

7. Jalen vs. Seattle

Leading up to a Week 14 home matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, the local media was hyping up the game. One unfortunate reporter asked Jalen Ramsey if this could be “a statement game” and then went on to list the Seahawks’ accolades: Super Bowl winner, perennial playoff team, and more.

Jalen wasn’t having it.

6. The Trash Man

After the Jacksonville Jaguars beat down the Houston Texans on Sunday to the tune of 45-7, Jadeveon Clowney was asked about Blake Bortles and said the quarterback was still “trash” when asked about his development. That’s just a little salty from a player who left the field more times injured than he made tackles in the game.

Yes. Embrace it. Embrace being The Trash Man, Blake!

5. Hatin’ Ass Fans

Don’t let a Gatorade bottle distract you from the Seattle Seahawks defensive linemen being a bunch of babies.

4. The Wave

In the middle of a 181-yard game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, rookie running back Leonard Fournette waved on a hit at opposing safety Mike Mitchell.

My God.

3. “He’s Weak”

Jalen Ramsey thinks A.J. Green is soft and weak.

That’s according to Ramsey who is speaking about his on-field fight and ejection on Sunday when the Jacksonville Jaguars hosted the Cincinnati Bengals in a hard-hitting Week 9 matchup that saw Green catch just one pass for six yards.

Never change, Jalen.

2. “He’s A Dog!”

Jurrell Casey was interviewed shortly after the Tennessee Titans won a Week 17 matchup against the Jaguars and made his thoughts known on Blake Bortles, saying the quarterback would definitely “choke” in the playoffs if the game was put in his hands.

Malik Jackson was having none of it.

1. The Point

This play has everything — Yannick Ngakoue strip-sacking Ben Roethlisberger, Telvin Smith pointing at Le’Veon Bell as he scored, Jalen Ramsey backpedaling and hyping up the offense, Myles Jack giving the L on his forehead to the cameras.

Drink it in. This is art.

What was your #nicest moment from the 2017 season? Let us know in the comments below!