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Doug Marrone on T.J. Yeldon: ‘He gives you the best of both worlds’

The offensive coordinator likes Corey Grant but T.J. Yeldon is standing out to Doug Marrone.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The offensive coordinator likes Corey Grant but the head coach likes T.J. Yeldon.

Speaking to the media after practice, Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone was asked about the running backs. How did they look? How are the backups performing? Marrone was quick to name a few guys on down the depth chart and like Nathaniel Hackett, he praised Grant’s speed and ability to break a big play, but it was Yeldon that he had the most to say about so far:

“The same type of mix. We have Tim Cook back there [and] Brandon Wilds. Tim is a big guy. I tend to like the bigger running backs. That’s just me personally and a philosophy. I know there is value for a guy like Corey [Grant] to come in there and change the game and make some plays. I think T.J. [Yeldon] gives you the best of both worlds a little bit. He has looked good out there. Yesterday, he made an excellent cut to set up a free hitter. A safety that was in the box set him up and then scooted inside. That is the kind of things you’re looking to see. I like where we are as far as the backs and how they have been working.”

And if Fournette goes down, does Marrone think Yeldon can carry the load?

“Yes. I think he has done that [carried the ball 15-20 times in a game] before. I would not have a problem with that.”

It will be interesting to see how this offense looks going into training camp and preseason. Grant was a big reason the Jaguars were able to take a lead going into halftime of the AFC Championship, only to disappear at the end of the game as the Jaguars narrowly lost. Even with Fournette healthy, will Yeldon still get the lion’s share of carries when it comes to a change-of-pace guy or will Grant see an increase in touches like he has over his first three seasons?