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USA Today predicts Jacksonville Jaguars as No. 1 seed in 2018 NFL playoffs

...and then we lose to the Los Angeles Chargers in the playoffs?

Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Logan Bowles/Getty Images

NFL season predictions are a funny thing. At this time last year, USA Today predicted the Jacksonville Jaguars would go 8-8 — and to be fair, without some monumentally historic performances by our defense we might have been there at season’s end.

I laughed at the predictions because I thought we’d be somewhere around 6-10 or 7-9 and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been to be wrong.

But now we’re back with the USA Today predictions for this year and Nate Davis believes the Jaguars go 12-4 and earn the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Jacksonville Jaguars (12-4): The copious talent, swagger and physical style is reminiscent of Seattle’s recent teams ... and doubtless why DT Malik Jackson is predicting a 16-0 season. Can’t quite ride with you, Malik, given the open question about whether a one-dimensional offense can get the job done when it really matters.

Homefield advantage through the playoffs? It’s not crazy. The Jaguars have arguably the weakest division in football and at least five wins out of six division games should be the expectation.

But here’s what’s crazy. Not only will the Jaguars lose in the AFC Divisional Game after a Wild Card bye, they’ll lose to the Los Angeles Chargers who by the way will also go to the Super Bowl.

Full stop. I’m done.