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Getting cut is a good motivator, says Doug Marrone

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Training Camp Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We’re now in the deep of Jacksonville Jaguars training camp and you can start to see who is separating themselves from the logjams at the positions. Some coaches are known as motivators and push guys past their limit to get them over that proverbial hump and unlock their potential. Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone doesn’t seem to rely on catch phrases or anything, though.

“Yeah, they can get cut. They can get replaced. You are looking for consistency and looking for that player and every time they go out there, it is an opportunity to show us what they have,” Marrone said on Tuesday when asked if there’s anything he can do to motivate the players. “That is what we are expecting them to be able to do – to go out there and compete. I look at some of our more veteran players – guys that have played before. They are competing their ass off out there.”

Indeed, getting cut is probably the best motivator. With a roster as deep as the Jaguars too, that’s a natural motivator. Outside of a select few, the roster spot isn’t guaranteed and there are only so many of them open, especially since nearly all the starting positions are accounted for. Seeing how hard even the guys guaranteed to be here can infect the rest of the training camp roster, too.

“If those guys are doing it, you better believe everybody better be doing it. I think that is really the motivation. You have an opportunity and there are not too many of them, and you have to take advantage of them,” Marrone continued. “When you look at the reps and you break them down, as an individual player, you may only have 30 reps that day. You might have 19 reps. You might have 14. You better make the most out of them if you want to be in the mix and in the competition.”

It’s cliche to say you have to make the most of your opportunities, but for young players and undrafteds with the Jaguars right now, it’s never been more true.