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Should the Jacksonville Jaguars trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

NFL: Scrimmage-New York Jets at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Should the Jacksonville Jaguars trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

Ever since rumors started surfacing that the New York Jets were looking to unload Bridgewater, the Jaguars have been at or near the top of destinations that analysts think would be an ideal fit for the oft-injured quarterback — with Will Brinson of CBS Sports being the latest to say the Jaguars would be the second-best fit for him behind only the Los Angeles Rams.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Surprise! The Jaguars aren’t No. 1. There are some people who would be offended by Jacksonville even considering this. There are some people who see Bridgewater and Blake Bortles as equals. But Teddy’s a better game manager than Bortles, and the Jaguars wouldn’t be as scared with him under center. Jacksonville has an all-time defense right now in terms of young talent and high-end veterans coalescing. They added Andrew Norwell to help block for Leonard Fournette. They have a window, but windows are small in the NFL. Bringing in Bridgewater, even as the backup, would give them a break glass in case of emergency option if Bortles falters.

I honestly don’t get why it makes more sense for Bridgewater to come here. This team gave Bortles an extension back when they could have signed Bridgewater for all of a $6 million cap hit. And by all accounts, Bortles has exceeded our expectations (and likely the coaches and front office).

Bortles is who he is — an inconsistent quarterback who can lose to Arizona one week and win a playoff game on the road in Pittsburgh the next. But this close to the season, is the risk of losing greater by putting a newly signed Bridgewater under center or staying with what you know in Bortles?

If this was a question in March, count me in on signing Teddy. As it stands right now, two weeks out from the regular season opener, I think Blake offers the greater chance of success for the team this year.

And if Jacoby Brissett is worth a reported second round draft pick, how much is Bridgewater worth? I don’t think the risk of Bortles being so bad that he’s benched is worth what would likely take a first round pick to get him as a backup.

What do you think? Should the Jaguars trade for Bridgewater as soon as possible? Or should they stay the course with Bortles?


Should the Jaguars trade for Teddy Bridgewater?

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