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Big Cat Country Q&A: How seriously should we be taking the preseason?

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Atlanta Falcons!

Sean from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Cam Robinson’s play was a bit alarming against the Minnesota Vikings. They’re a great defense but he looked pretty poor on a few plays. Tony Boselli was talking about how his poor play could throw everything off for Nathaniel Hackett and the offense. If Cam struggles what do we do?

A: Robinson has not looked good so far and he looked awful against the Minnesota Vikings. My only solace is that it was against Danielle Hunter. He’s very, very good around the edge. But it hasn’t looked good, especially in isolated one-on-one situations. My only solace is that usually by regular season time, Doug Marrone and Pat Flaherty have maximized the talent on the starting five.

Which brings me to an interesting thought — how much stock should we be putting in the preseason? I’d say, look at individual matchups. Don’t look at things like Leonard Fournette’s yards-per-carry (he’s missing two or three starting offensive linemen in each of his first two games). Instead — and this is why I’m particularly down on Robinson — watch how your guy performs against the guy across from him. How did Robinson look when it was him against Hunter? Not good.

Max from Worchester, England

Q: With the first four cornerbacks seemingly locked up, who is most likely to claim the fifth and sixth is going to be Tre Herndon and Jaylen Myrick or is someone else going to make the final 53?

A: I think Herndon and Myrick could be it, but they’ve been giving Quenton Meeks quite a few snaps despite how low he is down on the depth chart.

John from Dayton OH

Q: How long until we see Ronnie Harrison in the starting lineup? I think Tashaun Gipson and Barry Church played well last year and am not advocating necessarily for their replacement. Harrison looked like a beast last week though and I am curious if he’s the real deal, how long they can keep him on the sideline?

A: Harrison is what we like to call a “brute back” — a player who not only boasts the length to challenge at the point of attack, but also possesses the athleticism and play recognition traits to put him in consistent position to challenge for the ball. He won’t start until at least 2019 but he’ll certainly be on the field this season against tight ends and heavy sets.

Pliny from Chicago, IL

Q: If all the wide receivers had the exact same salary this year, which ones would you cut?

A: Here’s who I’d keep — Marqise Lee, Keelan Cole, Dede Westbrook, Donte Moncrief, DJ Chark, Jaydon Mickens, and Shane Wynn. Yup, we’re keeping seven wide receivers.

Caleb from Phoenix, AZ

Q: Does Allen Lazard have any chance of making the roster?

A: Not the active roster, but the practice squad, sure.

Xavier from Tucson, AZ

Q: Which players have to show some kind of improvement in this upcoming game?

A: Either one of Myrick or Herndon have to show out to win the No. 5 cornerback battle. Wynn needs to flash to convince the Jaguars to keep seven wide receivers. Tanner Lee has to not get sacked and fumble every other snap. And William Poehls needs to have a monster game to not get cut because last week was embarrassing.