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Sing your life: Game 1 to music

There is a song for every occasion.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Giants
Here comes your man!
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 season began with mixed emotions from some Jaguars fans. There was praise for the defensive and special teams work that sealed the 20-15 victory over the New York Giants. Others bemoaned the offensive limitations, beating the Blake Bortles pinata or focusing on a receiving corps that looks no better than it did last year.

The march to Atlanta sits at 1 - 0, with the hated New England Patriots, and their passionless German machine-like approach to process, visiting our beloved city this coming Sunday.

My goal is to supply you with a song that encapsulates the previous game’s spirit, either for a specific player or the general game itself. My further goal is to not give you music that shows may age, and work to find music in genres outside of my passions (so basically if it sounds like it is sampled I’m probably not listening to it).

To honor the man that sealed the margin of victory, the same game who was robbed in New England during the playoffs. This one is for you Myles Jack.

Have a song you think represents some element of this past game, please share!