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Jaguars stand alone on top of the AFC South

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the victory against the New York Giants on Sunday, the Jacksonville Jaguars find themselves in sole possession of first place in the AFC South. Every other team lost on Sunday, some in more brutal fashion than others.

Let’s take a spin around the AFC South.

Titans 20, Dolphins 27

A brutal game that I hope no one stayed for in it’s duration. There were multiple hours-long weather delays and in total I think it lasted around nine hours. Could you imagine? Not only that, the Titans were ravaged with injuries, while also playing terribly. Tight end Delanie Walker saw his season end with a nasty ankle injury, Taylor Lewan was brutally knocked unconscious and left the game and Marcus Mariota is either very hurt or got benched after not being able to hit the ocean from the beach.

Texans 20, Patriots 27

Meanwhile in Foxboro, the Texans didn’t look anything close to the “surprise” dark horse team a lot of experts had them pegged as. While I’m still a big fan of Deshaun Watson as a quarterback, he was under duress and beat up all day. The Patriots, who aren’t really a great team rushing the passer, were in the backfield all game and the Texans lost their starting right tackle making an already suspect offensive line worse. Couple that with the defense not playing all that well and J.J. Watt kind of looking like just a guy, it could be a long season for Houston.

Bengals 34, Colts 23

The Colts were only surprising because I did not expect Andrew Luck to ever play again as well as he did, considering his injuries. Unfortunately for the Colts, he might get knocked out again this year because they’re offensive line and roster in general are flat out terrible. The Colts couldn’t run the ball, struggled to stop the run and needed Luck to throw the ball 53 times to even be close!

If I’m going to making a hyperbolic opinion off of Week 1, I think it would be that there’s a big gap between the Jaguars and the rest of the division right now.