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Incredibly Thoughtful: This CBS Sports Analyst Said The Dumbest Thing About Blake Bortles He Could Think Of So Other Analysts Wouldn’t Feel Bad Later Tonight If They Were Wrong Too

If you’re having a tough day, this clip from CBS Sports is like chicken soup for the soul!

Brandon Tierney of CBS Sports decided to go on national television and talk about the Jacksonville Jaguars’ chances against the New England Patriots today without their star running back Leonard Fournette. Tierney, always thinking of others, said the most wrong thing he could think of so that when his fellow analysts’ bold predictions were proven wrong at the end of the day, they could all look back and say, “Well at least I’m not Brandon!”

Here are Tierney’s comments in full:

“If they’re putting the game in Bortles’ hands, then I don’t know if the Jaguars should even bother showing up because they’re not going to win. This isn’t the Bills game last year in the playoffs where you can run for 90 yards and score 10, 13 points and win the football game. Imagine from a Jags perspective sitting on what transpired last year all summer. You’re up 10 points, fourth quarter, to go to the Super Bowl, and you lose ... I can’t pick the Jaguars.”

Wow! This is the kind of touching gesture that this divided country needs right now.

Thank you for being you, Brandon. I don’t think anyone is going to forget it any time soon.