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Mumblings of The Village Idiot: Nice win, let’s move on

If you have to belittle the team that beat you, you’re a bigger loser.

NFL: New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you have to let the 24 hour rule extend just a bit longer. So here we are, closing in on 48 hours since the Jaguars turned a metaphorical corner. No longer can we see the 8-8 years of Jack Del Rio. The smell of the Gus Bradley era is barely noticeable. Beating the New England Patriots was an important step in showing this team is good, as opposed to speculating on that belief.

And it means very little in the grand scheme of things.

The fans might want to stay on the mountain top a bit longer, but for the players it is time to move on.

The league is littered with memories of teams who could not finish their meals. For example, ask the 2003 Minnesota Vikings or the 2009 Denver Broncos. Both of these teams started their aforementioned season 6-0, only to miss the playoffs with 9-7 and 8-8 records respectively.

This Jaguars team does not appear to be falling for early season hype. The head coach will not let them.

In his post-game speech, Doug Marrone was very clear what this game meant, and who this team is. They are team that needs to focus. They are not a team concerned with “statement games”. He fully expects to see the Patriots down the road, and whether this was a win or a loss for the Jaguars it is just the second game of the season. This Jaguars team has a year of experience under their belt, and those who did not get a glimpse of the promised land last year are buying into the culture that is being built.

Doug closed with telling the players to enjoy the win, but to prepare themselves to correct mistakes and get ready for a divisional opponent.

Some brief mumblings.

Mumble 1

I am tired of the “ignorant South” framing from folks up North, especially from a city like Boston. Here is what Chad Finn of the Boston Globe had to say about TIAA Bank stadium, and the Jaguars fans in it, after a Patriots score in the 2nd half.

“The hooting from the Jacksonville fans at The Hills Have Eyes Stadium suddenly went quiet.”

For those of you not familiar with this reference, “The Hills Have Eyes” is a movie set in Nevada where a family comes across a family of cannibalistic mutants.

Even our beloved New Englander Rick Ballou knows those journalists up there are petty and annoying.

You can reach Chad on twitter.

But before you say anything mean to him, he also thinks we looked like a Super Bowl team. As much as ignorant southerners can think.

Mumble 2

Dakota Randall, writing for NESN (New England Sports Network), gives us this gem.

“Still, if we’ve learned anything about the Patriots, it’s that judging them after two games is foolish. The Jaguars might want to simmer down and not act like they won the Super Bowl in Week 2.”

Dakota title the article “Jaguars Talked A Bunch Of Trash After Beating Patriots — In September”, leveraging a variety of quotes from Jaguars player who expressed noting more than confidence in light of the victory.

The framing of how the Jaguars responded to winning as something akin to “winning the Super Bowl” is such sour grapes. It is the idea that no one other than one’s own team can celebrate, or possibly that the very act of celebrating discloses someone who lacks character or virtue.

It is actually a compliment to your team, Dakota, that it means that much to us.

Mumble 3

If you are wondering why this “winning the Super Bowl” thing has any legs, here is a quote from Tashaun Gipson. Feel free to NOT take it out of context.

“It kind of felt like we won a Super Bowl, man. I won’t even kid you. It was that type of atmosphere and environment. With the upper management. The coaches. The players. It was just a happy time. It was a happy time. I’m not trying to say that guys put too much into this game, but it was a great win.”

Mumble 4

Dear first-half Donte Moncrief, I am sorry for all the bad things I said about you.

Dear second-half Donte Moncrief, I take it back.

Mumble 5

I love what Doug Marrone said about how he goes about challenging calls on the field. To paraphrase, Doug refuses to offer up names because he does not want them to face any grief if the challenge fails, and if it succeeds he wants to take all the credit.

We are so damn lucky to have move on from “We are all getting better!” to “No one is a backup. I expect everyone to step in and start when called on.”

Oh, and Doug, I am so, so sorry for all the mean things I said about you when you challenged that call.

Mumble 6

If you put a gun to my head and asked me what the top three plays of the game were, here you go, in descending order

3. Dante Fowler strip and recovery.

2. Corey Grant does not block in the back on the Dede Westbrook fourth quarter touchdown.

...and the winner...Doug Marrone challenges the spot. My game changer. If he does not get that, my gut tells me the momentum shift and the “here we go again” feeling would have enveloped us.

Not being at the game, very curious what those who did go think about what the mood in the stadium would have been had it not been reversed.

Mumble 7

Last mumble (as I drool into my spit cup).

I hate the Titans. I am not over 1999. I will never be over 1999 until the Jaguars win a Super Bowl. I can stomach losing to the Patriots. They are a dynasty. They have Brady. Do I believe they were the better team last year? No, but I get how the young upstarts, and their coaching staff, might have balked on the big stage. It is not unlike 1996.

But 1999 was ours, and we blew it.

Beating New England was nice, but damn it I want to sweep the Titans. It is that important.

And for the love of Zeus, can we not lose to Blaine Gabbert. AGAIN!


I am not doing a post-game music post (it obviously was a bad idea). Instead, I will add it here. Some Nine Inch Nails for you.