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Big Cat Country Q&A: How should the Jacksonville Jaguars attack the Tennessee Titans?

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ matchup against the Tennessee Titans!

John from Jacksonville, FL

Q: What type of game plan should the Jaguars use against the Titans?

A: On offense, air it out with the passing game. Deshaun Watson was able to throw for nearly 10 yards per pass attempt and that helped open up their run game. The Titans are vulnerable to giving up big chunks of yards on single plays through the air, but it’s important that once you get near the red zone you get points out of it. The Houston Texans got within the 40-yard line on two of their first three possessions and missed a field goal or saw an interception. Get up on the Titans early and then the defense can pounce. Shut down Corey Davis. Right now he’s seen a full 33 percent of all targets in the passing game through the first two weeks. Erasing him should be a priority for this defense.

Jeremy from Boca Raton, FL

Q: Other than the Kansas City Chiefs, I feel like we win every game on the schedule. Maybe with Carson Wentz back we add the Philadelphia Eagles to the list. Can this team pull off 16-0?

A: The biggest hurdle standing in the way of the Jaguars isn’t Pat Mahomes or Carson Wentz — it’s Blake Bortles. If he can consistently play the way he did last week, there’s not a team we lose to on the schedule, with or without Leonard Fournette.

David from Aguadila, Puerto Rico

Q: Who gets paid first — Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack, or Yannick Ngakoue?

A: They’ll all get paid about the same time, but in order of priority, I think Jalen is the most important.

James from West Liberty, NY

Q: If you’re Tom Coughlin or Dave Caldwell, are you reaching out to Joe Thomas and seeing if he’s interested in coming out of retirement?

A: Joe Thomas has lost over 50 pounds since retiring.

Fred from Birmingham, AL

Q: Jameis or Bortles?

A: Bortles, easily.

Colt from Pittsburgh, PA

Q: What scares you the most (if anything) about this Week 3 matchup against the Titans? I hate the term “trap game” in the NFL but... this seems like a trap game.

A: It doesn’t feel like a trap game to me, but the Titans had our number last year and really frustrated Bortles in two awful games last year. I can’t shake this nagging feeling in the back of my head that gives them a chance despite the Jaguars being the better team. All in all, I think we win by two scores on Sunday.

Gabe from Chapel Hill, NC

Q: Give it to me straight... how much is the loss of Cam Robinson going to hurt?

A: Josh Wells had a decent game in relief of Cam last week. He’s not as good as Robinson at the point of attack, but he recovers well. Get back to me after the next two weeks and we’ll see how Wells is when he has time to prepare like a starting left tackle and when opponents game plan for him specifically.

Mike from Eagan, MN

Q: When are you going to stop typing “y’all” in social media posts and articles?

A: Never, y’all.