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Dear Titans, I Apologize

History never repeats. I tell myself before I go to sleep.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Another year, another loss to the Tennessee Titans. Another home game loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Here I was, brimming with confidence. Arrogantly predicting a blowout. Believing this team turned the cornser.

I owe some people an apology.

Dear Titans,

I apologize for thinking the Jaguars of last week were the Jaguars of forever.

I apologize for believing good Bortles was real Bortles.

I apologize for thinking the Jaguars injured offensive line was good enough for the task.

I apologize for predicting a 31-3 Jaguars victory.

I apologize for tweeting Mariota could not beat us through the air.

I apologize for thinking the Jaguars coaches had solved the riddle.

I apologize for the belief you now have that your offensive line will get away with obvious holding calls on a weekly basis.

I apologize that the Jaguars defense, and defensive coaches, apparently don’t know the obvious running situations for Mariota.

I apologize for not making your defensive backs work harder for their paychecks.

I apologize for any Jaguars fan that doesn’t know how to lose with grace.

I apologize for how angry we are going to be when we face you in Nashville.

I apologize for having better uniforms.

I apologize for blaming the officals a little while ago.

I apologize for that uniform comment.

I apologize for lying when I apologized for that uniform comment.

I apologize for not letting 1999 go.

I apologize that this rivalry doesn’t mean as much to you.

I apologize for forgetting we’ve been close to .500 against you for a good number of years.

I apologize for not letting Mariota rest more in the second half.

I apologize for all the penalties. I know how much you want to earn a win.

I apologize that neither one of us really has a franchise quarterback.

I apologize for giving you a false sense of confidence.

I apologize for that last comment.

I apologize that I’ve never visited Nashville.

I apologize for Mike Bianchi. We don’t like him either.

I apologize for how bad we are going to beat you in Nashville.

Didn't I already apologize for being over confident?