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Doug Marrone on Leonard Fournette concerns: ‘I’d be bullshitting if I said no’

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Leonard Fournette was all set to return to action after a hamstring injury kept him out of the last two games. With the Jacksonville Jaguars hosting the New York Jets at the end of a three-game home stand, it would be the perfect game for a tune up — this was an inferior opponent that the team could (and did) beat without him. Give him some reps and ease him back in before back-to-back away games against the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys.

His hamstring had other thoughts. After 12 touches that amounted to 35 total yards from scrimmage, Fournette was done.

Asked after the game if he had any concerns about Fournette’s injury now that two games off didn’t prevent re-injury, head coach Doug Marrone was as plain as day:

“I think so. I’d be bullshitting if I said no,” Marrone said on Sunday evening. “Anytime you come back and you’re ready to go and then all of the sudden you get injured again, it’s not a good sign.”

Fournette being held out and inactive in games is one thing. Going back into action and having to leave a game so early is another.

Don’t be surprised if the Jaguars hit the waiver wire next week.