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Blake Bortles is 16th in passing yards for any quarterback ever through their first 5 seasons

New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Blake Bortles — for all his inconsistencies — is an incredibly productive quarterback. So much so that he has the 16th most passing yards of any quarterback in NFL history through his first five seasons in the league and he still has 12 regular season games to go.

And conceivably he could jump into the top freaking five if he continues to sprinkle in these 300-yard games that have made up half his season so far.

Most passing yards through first five seasons

Player Years Team Games Yards
Player Years Team Games Yards
Peyton Manning 1998-2002 IND 80 20,618
Dan Marino 1983-87 MIA 71 19,422
Andrew Luck 2012-16 IND 70 19,078
Matt Ryan 2008-12 ATL 78 18,957
Ryan Tannehill 2012-16 MIA 77 18,455
Drew Bledsoe 1993-97 N.E. 76 18,348
Cam Newton 2011-15 CAR 78 18,263
Russell Wilson 2012-16 SEA 80 18,193
Andy Dalton 2011-15 CIN 77 18,008
Joe Flacco 2008-12 BAL 80 17,633
Matthew Stafford 2009-13 DET 61 17,457
Jeff Garcia 1999-2003 S.F. 74 16,408
Aaron Brooks 2000-04 N.O. 72 16,274
Marc Bulger 2002-06 STL 60 16,233
Blake Bortles 2014-18 JAX 64 16,023

I guess that’s what happens when you average over 557 pass attempts per season your first four years in the league.

To get to the top five, Blake would have to throw for another 2,935 yards this year, an average of 244.5 yards per game.

Go Jaguars.