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CBS NFL 2018 Week 1 Power Rankings: Jacksonville Jaguars in at No. 2

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the best team in the AFC as the 2018 regular season opens — that’s according to Pete Prisco over at CBS Sports, who believes that the Jaguars’ roster is as good as any in the league and that Blake Bortles is a good enough quarterback to lead this team into a deep playoff run.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

The talent is as good as any in the league and Blake Bortles will be good enough to make this a deep playoff team.

A richer Rodgers – thanks to his new deal – will be a happy Rodgers and one who is still the best quarterback in the league. He seemed at peace this summer when I talked to him, almost giving off the impression that something special was coming.

The No. 2 team is the Jacksonville Jaguars, my pick to win the AFC. They are loaded across the board, and Blake Bortles is good enough, despite the critics’ view, to get them to a Super Bowl.

After that, it’s the New England Patriots in the third spot, followed by the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles. I have the Eagles in the fifth spot because of the early injury concerns, especially with quarterback Carson Wentz.

The bottom team for now is the Buffalo Bills, and I don’t think it’s close. Then again, who really knows?

I think the only real competition in the AFC is from the New England Patriots because when you have the best coach and quarterback in league history, you always have a chance to win a title. But who else is really going to challenge them?

What do you think? Let us know if you agree with Prisco or if he needs to pump the brakes on the early-season optimism in the comments below!