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The 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars will (and should) be judged by if they win a Super Bowl or not

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars-Minicamp Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

I love the Jacksonville Jaguars.

I love our goofy Iron Man of a quarterback who has missed one snap due to injury in his career because missing one snap and only one snap is an incredibly Blake Bortles thing to do.

I love that we’re a power run team in a four verts world and that despite the fact you want to load the box we’re still gonna run it anyway because that’s who we are and to hell with what you think.

I love that our star cornerback will expose you and he doesn’t give a damn how many All-Pro years you’ve got — and if you won’t see him after y’all are both kicked out of the game, well, we’re gonna have to get the police involved.

I love that Super Bowl winning quarterbacks measure themselves after facing our secondary and can only wonder aloud if they’ve got it anymore.

I love that our running back waves on hits and our linebacker mockingly points and laughs at you and another will wave L’s at your bench and our hatin’ ass fans won’t back down if you climb into the stands because you’re not gonna Ron Artest us.

Last season was totally unexpected. I thought we’d be in contention for the division title. I expected our running game to be good and our secondary to be good and for Doug Marrone to be good.

And while all those things are true, good was not enough. It’s like saying the Northern Lights look good. No. An aurora borealis is breathtaking and awe-inspiring and worthy of respect and fear because it’s unlike anything you’ve ever goddamn seen and you think you understand it but you don’t and you never will.

We were loud and brash and reckless and fun as hell. We were within a few bad calls of a Super Bowl after a decade of losing seasons. A decade.

Last year, I said I wanted to judge the season by incremental improvement. Just get better. Just get a little better.

This season, I’m judging the season by one thing — a championship. The window is open. The secondary is (somehow) better. The pass rush is (somehow) better. The run game is (somehow) better. The coaching is (somehow) better.

And the quarterback is good enough.

Go Jaguars.