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Big Cat Country Q&A: Who will be Blake Bortles’ go-to receiver vs. Giants?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars’ season opener against the New York Giants!

Shamari from Savannah, GA

Q: Who is the go to guy for Blake Bortles in this game?

A: I really don’t have a handle on this. If Marqise Lee were healthy I’d think he’d be the guy with the most targets, but I actually think Donte Moncrief could get the most catches on Sunday. The Jaguars loved those short slants and intermediate routes near the sidelines during the preseason. I don’t think we’ll see Keelan Cole really break away in terms of yardage until the middle of the season. If I had to pick a guy, it’d be Moncrief.

Sir Famous from Las Vegas, NV

Q: Not really about this week but who do you think had the better college career? T.J. Yeldon or Leonard Fournette?

A: Fournette.

David from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Q: What are the chances the Jaguars select a quarterback in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft?

A: About the same as Blake Bortles regressing heavily from last year to this year.

Jaxon from Henderson, NV

Q: Will Blake Bortles finally get some respect if he throws three touchdowns on Sunday?

A: Bortles’ problem has never been about respect, per se. It’s about consistency. If Bortles goes out and has a three-touchdown game and the Jaguars win by 20 on the road, how confident do you feel about how well he’ll play the next week? Until he’s consistent, he’s inconsistent and that’s what Bortles needs to work on. Bortles needs to limit turnovers more than he needs to throw touchdowns.

Desmond from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How many yards do you think Odell Beckham, Jr. will get on Jalen Ramsey?

A: On Ramsey? Probably one or two catches for 15-20 yards. I think he’ll end the day with 60-70 yards and a near touchdown batted down.

Jeremy from Westerville, OH

Q: What do you think the run defense will be like this year?

A: It will start better than it did last year and probably get a little better but not by much. It’ll be fine but it’ll be what opposing teams attack for sure.