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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Giants: Live blog regular season Week 1

Follow along all afternoon for coverage and our live commentary before and during the game as the Jaguars take on the New York Giants in the regular season opener. Feel free to leave commentary, and stay with us following the game for post-game recaps.

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars mission to Atlanta and Super Bowl LIII begins today, as they travel to MetLife Stadium to play the New York Giants.

Stay with us all through the afternoon as we live blog the game as it happens, and feel free to join the conversation in the comments as the day progresses. We’ll have post-game coverage as well following the conclusion of the game.

Let’s GO!

How to watch

Need to find out how to watch, stream, or listen to today’s game? We got you covered here.

Live Blog

4:05 PM: Jaguars Win! The Giants muff a punt following the Jaguars killing clock, and the ball is recovered by DJ Hayden. Jaguars win, 20-15 and go to 1-0 on the season.

4:01 PM: The Giants get to Jags territory but the defense comes up with a huge stop as DJ Hayden knocks away a pass from Manning to Sheppard on 4th & 6.

3:45 PM: The Jaguars get the ball back following the two teams exchanging punts. We got about 7 minutes left in this game, and the Jags need to march and put some points up on this board to put this one away.

M:3:38 PM: Giants answer back as the rookie RB Barkley goes 67 yards for a touchdown. Two missed tackles lets the rookie make a game of it, still. Jaguars lead 20-15 after a failed two point conversion.

3:33 PM: TOUCHDOWN! After Jags punt, Giants takes over and Ngakoue forces a tipped pass that is intercepted and returned by Myles Jack for a touchdown, and HE WAS NOT DOWN! Jaguars lead 20-9.

3:25 PM: The Jaguars defense makes yet another stop and forces the Giants to punt following a 3rd & 20 completion short of the sticks to Beckham Jr. Jaguars take over at their 20 thanks to a touch back.

3:15 PM: Blake Bortles runs for 41 yards, but the Jags drive stalls at midfield. Still 13-9 Jaguars as we near the end of the 3rd.

3:10 PM: Jags defense forces another 3 & out. Good pressure on 3rd down forces a Manning throw intended for Beckham into the dirt.

3:03 PM: Jaguars punt again and pin the Giants at their 10 after a Cam Robinson false start essentially kills the drive at midfield on 3rd & short. Bortles tries to find Moncrief on 3rd & 9 but throws wide and outside on the back shoulder attempt. Penalties are killing this team today.

2:58 PM: The Jaguars defense comes through with a huge stop on 4th & 2 as Barkley attempts to leap over the pile but falls inches short. Jaguars takes over and need to do a lot more than run, run, pass, punt.

2:51 PM: The Jaguars came out on their first offensive possession in 20 minutes, and went run, run, pass...I’ll let you figure out how that went.

2:44 PM: The Giants open the second half with a drive assisted once again by some clear penalties made by Jaguars defenders, including a 15 yard facemask on Yannick Ngakoue on Saquon Barkley. The defense forces 3rd & 16 inside Jags territory and barely keep the Giants from converting. New York converts the field goal. Jaguars still lead 13-9.

2:20 PM: The Giants drive down field, with the help of two pass interference calls on Barry Church and Jalen Ramsey while covering Odel Beckham Jr. The defense holds but Giants add 3 as times expires. We reach halftime with Jaguars leading 13-6.

2:05 PM: TOUCHDOWN! Jaguars go 57 yards, including two great passes from Bortles to Westbrook, and a powerful run by TJ Yeldon. Jags cap it off with a 1 yard pass from Bortles to Yeldon for six. Jaguars now lead 13-3.

2:00 PM: Outside of one drive, defense has been great.

1:56 PM: Jaguars defense forces another 3 & out, but Fournette is currently getting worked on for a hamstring injury, according to the Jaguars. He is QUESTIONABLE to return. Jags take over at their own 35.

1:49 PM: The Jaguars get a great drive that stalls at the Giants 24. They had a touchdown pass from Bortles to ASJ wiped off the board by a Norwell hands to the face penalty, and another near pick for Janoris Jenkins careens off into Niles Paul’s chest but is dropped in the end zone. Josh Lambo kick makes it 6-3, Jaguars....and Leonard Fournette is limping. SIGH..

1:39 PM: End of the 1st quarter. 3-3, Jaguars have the ball with 2nd & 4 inside their own territory to start the 2nd.

1:35 PM: The Giants march down to inside the Jags 10 yard line thanks to Beckham Jr. getting a chunk 24 yard play on a pick route, and Barkley getting involved on a couple of 10 yard runs. The Jags D holds inside the 10 though, and forces a Giants field goal. We are tied at 3-3. The Jags defense has yet to really get to Eli Manning, not a good sign.

1:25 PM: After a Giants sack due to a blown assignment by Andrew Norwell, Bortles is picked off by Janoris Jenkins on a sideline attempt to Moncrief that didn’t have much air on it. Bad ball, Blake. Giants takes over.

1:20 PM: The Jaguars get the fortune of two penalties on Giants tackle Flowers who is getting mauled by Calais Campbell. Two near safeties, one by penalty, one by a host of Jags meeting Barkley at the half yard line, end up with the Giants just getting space for their punter, and a slooow 3 & out and a great start for the Jaguars D.

1:11 PM: Jags open with a first strike field goal. Bortles connects on a 30 yard pass to Keelan Cole, and Fournette gets a couple of nice conversion runs on 2nd and short. Drive stalls at Giants 30 after Yeldon drops a would be first down, and Bortles misses a well covered Moncrief in the end zone. 3-0 Jaguars.

1:02 PM: Jags will receive the opening kick off, we’ll see the offense first.

1:00 PM: It’s time!

12:45 PM: 15 minutes and counting til kick off. Wanna know what myself and the rest of the BCC crew thinks happens today? Check out our game predictions, and keep the receipts.

12:42 PM: He’s ready.

12:22 PM: We will make this a weekly tradition, here’s Jalen’s cleats for today and OMG the sauce...

11:50 AM: The Giants inactives are out, as expected Olivier Vernon is out and former Georgia Bulldog rookie Lorenzo Carter will start in his stead.

11:43 AM: In case you had any doubts, King Jalen wants ALL the smoke..

11:41 AM: LSU alumni embrace, but come 1 PM..

11:40 AM: And here are the inactives for the Jaguars:

11:30 AM: Welcome to the real deal everyone! We are an hour and a half from kick off and should be getting the inactives shortly. I wouldn’t expect any real surprises as the team was at full health as of Friday. It’s time!