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Jaguars options at offensive coordinator running thin

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr./Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a made a few ancillary coaching hires this offseason, however they’re still on the hunt for an offensive coordinator. There have been some solid names in for interviews and some great names in line for an interview, but there has yet to be a hire and the team has hired a few positions you’d think you’d let an offensive coordinator decide on.

So far as we know the Jaguars have interviewed/scheduled to interview Darrell Bevell, Todd Monken, Gary Kubiak and John DeFilippo. Two of those four either took another job after interviewing or prior to. Monken ended up with the Cleveland Browns after interviewing and pitting the two positions against each other, it’s hard to blame him. Kubiak on the other hand joined the Minnesota Vikings prior to his scheduled interview with the Jaguars, joining his son’s staff.

DeFilippo has other interest lined up, such as with the Arizona Cardinals and Bevell has only really been linked to the Atlanta Falcons, who hired Dirk Koetter, and with potentially joining the Cincinnati Bengals if they hire Los Angeles Rams coach Zac Taylor.

Outside of that, I don’t know of anyone the Jaguars have been linked to or are interested. Personally know how it appears the Jaguars want to play football, Bevell is the ideal fit. He’s been a successful offensive coordinator with an incredibly efficient offense that was run oriented. Granted he had Brett Favre and Russell Wilson, but he has shown to adapt his offense based around what he has available. Someone like Houston Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan would also make sense, but why would he leave his current situation for this one?

The issue I wrote about back in December is manifesting itself now.

It’s a leap of faith right now to take the Jaguars offensive coordinator job because there isn’t much certainty. Usually that’s not going to net you a good crop of willing candidates and/or will force you to take huge risks. Most likely you’ll end up with a recently fired head coach looking to get their name back into the ring for head coaching positions.

As it stands right now, they’re operating on the recently-fired-offensive-coordinator-trying-to-rehab-their-name level of hires. I expect the Jaguars will hire someone by the end of this week and if they don’t, then it’s a huge concern.

At this point however, I think it’s going to be Darrell Bevell.