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Jaguars sign Alex McGough to reserve/future contract

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed former Seattle Seahawks quarterback Alex McGough to a reserve/future contract.

First, what is a reserve/future contract?

Every team is allowed to bring 90 players to training camp. The types of contracts allow them to start signing players for camp once the regular season ends. In essence, it’s a contract that is binding but won’t count against their roster until the number of allowable spots on the roster increases.

Our own Filip Prus has been asking for the Jaguars to do this all season, noting him as one of the players that Jacksonville should sign off an opposing team’s practice squad last month.

If you’ve followed me on Twitter, you’ll know about my obsession with former Florida International quarterback Alex McGough. A cavalier, athletic quarterback with a huge arm, McGough was one of “my guys” heading into last year’s draft and was exceptional in the preseason with the Seahawks. They’ve been trying to hide him on the practice squad all year and make him Russell Wilson’s back up of the future (Brett Hundley is a free agent in 2019), but I’m down for some revenge after the Seahawks pillaged the Jaguars for Bo Scarbrough. I’m not calling McGough a future franchise NFL quarterback, but his physical tools, mobility, and skill set would make him an outstanding NFL back up that would be able to step into the middle of a game in the event of injury and bring it home. McGough would be a huge upgrade over Cody Kessler or Tanner Lee heading into 2019.

It’s a good signing and shows the Jaguars will likely have a lot of turnover in the quarterbacks room between now and next preseason.