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Introducing the officially licensed Gardner Minshew collection

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Big Cat Country and BreakingT are excited to bring you the officially licensed Gardner Minshew II collection. We have had some good shirts in the past, but with Minshew’s blessing we feel we’ve assembled the best and most iconic official shirts available in the world the celebrate The Legend of Gardner Minshew II.

The officially licensed collection opens up with six different shirts, including two variants of the “Over Them Mountains” design, because we gotta give a little love to our Washington State Cougars fans. There’s also another alternate “Uncle Minshew” design with the backdrop that is more Jacksonville and Duval than the mountains.

Not only that, but now you can get some of our t-shirt designs as hooded sweaters and even onesies for the new Duval babies. There are also some ladies fits of our shirts now, which is something a lot of people have requested.

You can find all of the shirts here or in the official Big Cat Country store.