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Big Cat Country Q&A: Is the Jaguars defense not as good as we thought?

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions the morning before the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New Orleans Saints in Week 6!

Krys from Jacksonville, FL

Q: I hate to ask it but is Jalen Ramsey our knight in shining armor on defense? It seems like ever since the Ramsey fiasco began our defense has gone downhill.

A: No, but make no mistake — he is a very valuable player. He certainly would have been helpful in Week 4 against the Denver Broncos (and the game would likely have not been that close) but the main reason you’re noticing a dip is because the defense just isn’t as good as we thought they’d be. Yannick Ngakoue is hampered by a lingering hamstring injury. Myles Jack is making bad reads and committing dumb penalties. A.J. Bouye is declining. Josh Allen still needs time. That’s not to say the defense is bad (because they’re not) but the expectations for them were much higher than they probably should have been.

Ryhan from Birmingham, AL

Q: Do you think Jalen Ramsey is picking and choosing which games he would like to play? For example if he is going to play against a top receiver he’ll play as it could get him higher salary if he plays well and gets traded but if he plays against a less talented receiver and doesn’t play well then it could hurt his potential salary?

A: No. He has done what the team asked him to do and the outside specialist he saw last weekend agreed with what team doctors found when examining his back.

Brandon from Orange Park, FL

Q: Will Gardner Minshew finally get three touchdowns in a single game this week against the Saints?

A: Put him down for two.

Demetrius from North Memphis, TN

Q: Is there a scenario where you envision the Jaguars entertaining trade offers for Nick Foles despite targeting Week 11 to return?

A: I don’t know all the specifics surrounding trading players on IR, but Foles won’t even be eligible to return to practice until October 21 and the NFL trade deadline is October 29. That’s your window to trade him. I wouldn’t do it this year because, well, there’s no harm in having Foles as a backup as you make a playoff push with a sixth round rookie quarterback. Next year however? Foles has gotta go. It is actively detrimental to have a backup making $88 million.

Jeremy from Grand Rapids, MI

Q: Any chance Nick Foles retires after this season? Would that be our best case scenario?

A: Yes.

Jeremy from Orlando, FL

Q: Rank these contracts/extensions from bad to worst for me. Blake Bortles, Andrew Norwell, Marqise Lee, Nick Foles.

A: Blake Bortles, Andrew Norwell, Nick Foles, Marqise Lee.

Al from Mt. Dora, FL

Q: I know that nobody wants to think about this, but what are the chances Gardner Minshew turns out to be a one-year wonder like Baker Mayfield is seemingly becoming?

A: It’s an interesting thought (and one worry I had early on) but Gardner Minshew and Baker Mayfield are two very different quarterbacks. Minshew is far more accurate, makes better reads in the passing game, and throws far fewer interceptions. Mayfield improvises and isn’t nearly as comfortable in the pocket. There’s the possibility this happens, but with each week that Minshew is confident in the pocket making precision throws I think it less and less likely.

Chevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Would you bench Andrew Norwell?

A: No, but that has more to do with who’s behind Andrew Norwell on the depth chart.

Nick from Cooper City, FL

Q: What will it take to keep Jalen Ramsey?

A: A time machine.