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Big Cat Country Q&A: Is it fair to write off Gardner Minshew after the Jaguars’ loss to the Saints?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions after the Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the New Orleans Saints in Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season!

Not Ben from Los Angeles, CA

Q: When do we start slandering Jawaan Taylor? Because it’s not been good, buddy...

A: It has been largely inconsistent for the rookie right tackle, but there’s still hope. Coming into the game against the Saints, through five games Taylor had given up just two sacks. That’s not good, but it’s not disastrous. However, the dam burst against Cam Jordan — he gave up what I would say are two sacks on him. The first was totally on him and the second he got blown up and contributed a healthy amount to it. Mix in a few penalties and you’re right, it’s not good. But he’s a rookie and I’d like to see how he does throughout the course of the season. If he continues to commit dumb penalties and give up sacks in bunches in Week 14 or Week 15, I’ll be worried.

Jake from Jacksonville, FL

Q: When do we make a coordinator or front office change? Who’s first?

A: I think we clean house after the season.

Isabella from Baltimore, MD

Q: Is it fair to write off Gardner Minshew after this game? What was his issue?

A: It’s not fair at all. He’s played six games with largely no practice reps this offseason and he’s won Rookie of the Week in four of those weeks. Even with the disaster of a game that was last Sunday, he’s arguably one of the most productive rookies in the league. That’s astounding for a sixth round pick. Heck, if we’d have picked him in the first round and he was playing like he has, I’d still be satisfied. He’s showing he has what it takes to be a franchise quarterback and by my count has been at fault for just one interception this season. Fumbles are a huge issue, yes, and sometimes he tries to make too much happen in the pocket — but I’d rather try and tone down an aggressive rookie quarterback than try and hype up a docile one.

Dallas from Pensacola, FL

Q: With us being 2-4, is it looking like Tom Coughlin is going to push for Nick Foles to start once he gets healthy?

A: The next three weeks will be incredibly important to Gardner Minshew’s future. New Orleans, effectively, wrote the blueprint on stopping him last Sunday — contain him in the pocket, don’t let him extend the play, and take away DJ Chark. He needs a rebound game in the biggest way this week against the winless Cincinnati Bengals. If the Jaguars win two of their next three games and go into the bye week with at least a 4-5 record, I think they put Nick Foles on IR and ride out the season with Minshew.

Brandon from Jacksonville, FL

Q: The run defense has looked suspect through the first two weeks. How concerned are you with the Titans coming to town, considering they would likely want nothing more than to run the ball 40 times in the game?

A: I am very concerned. I think that aside from Gardner Minshew’s play, the run defense will be the greatest contributor to a win or a loss.

Carson from Jacksonville, FL

Q: How good are our playoff chances now?

A: We need to win the next three games to have a legitimate shot at the playoffs.

Elliott from Charleston, SC

Q: What happened to the offense?

A: They played against a smart, talented defense who knew how to attack their strengths.

Ryne from Waycross, GA

Q: I know they only gave up 13 points, but what is the main issue with the defense? Is it over use of zone? Todd Wash in general? I need answers for my sanity.

A: It’s a mixture of Todd Wash getting pencil whipped, an inability to pressure the quarterback, and an overall lack of turnovers. We’re playing bend-but-don’t-break defense except we’re not winning the turnover battle.

Devin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Does Gardner Minshew get back on track next week?

A: Yes... and I think Leonard Fournette absolutely goes off. The Bengals rank dead last in the NFL with 184.5 rushing yards allowed per game. Fournette is going to pile up the yards, causing the Bengals to stack the box, and leave a secondary that is without starting cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick because of injury wide open. Hot take — if you have any Jaguars players on your fantasy team, this is the week to start them.

Don from San Diego, CA

Q: Isn’t it odd that somebody with back problems has no issues standing all game long?

A: There’s a big difference between standing on a sideline and trying to tackle Alvin Kamara or Christian McCaffrey. If Jalen Ramsey weren’t in a contract/trade dispute with the Jaguars, I think he’d be playing. He’s not going to push through an injury that he doesn’t have to.