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Nick Foles could return to practice next Wednesday

How soon is now?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The question of what the Jacksonville Jaguars should do upon the return of Nick Foles should begin to take a greater focus of attention. According to ESPN Jaguars beat report Michael DiRocco, coach Doug Marrone thinks Foles will be able to return to practice the Wednesday after the Jaguars visit Cincinnati.

Nick Foles was injured in the Jaguars week one loss to the Kansas City Chiefs when ex-teammate Chris Jones tackled him, breaking Foles’ left clavicle. Foles completed a 35-yard touchdown pass to D.J. Chark on the play.

Foles was placed on IR the day after he sustained the injury. Under NFL rules he is unable to play for at least eight weeks, and is eligible to return for the Jaguars’ Week 11 game at Indianapolis November 17.

Whether he is ready to play physically, or needed to play will play out in the coming weeks.

Gardner Minshew has filled in nicely for Foles, compiling a 2-4 record while claiming four Pepsi Rookie Offensive Player of the Week awards.

There has been speculation about what the conditions should be to grant Foles the starting position, including the Jaguars record, Minshew’s overall play, and whether the Jaguars will make the decision that Minshew is the team’s future at the quarterback position.

Expect this topic to become a daily consideration, especially if Minshew can lead the Jaguars to a three game winning streak.