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Jalen Ramsey probably won’t get traded this year, says Adam Schefter

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Jalen Ramsey saga has been pretty quiet since Sunday’s win over the Denver Broncos. There were some notes about Ramsey being on the sideline with his team, celebrating with his teammates and talking through stuff with Tre Herndon, but not much about any movement of any kind of trade.

On Wednesday morning, ESPN’s Adam Schefter did a radio hit on 97.5FM in Philadelphia, in which he said it seems unlikely the Jaguars corner would be traded this year.

My initial reaction when seeing that retweeted on my timeline this morning was “Yeah, duh.”

As we’ve written about quite a few times and I’ve tweeted about at length, there is absolutely no pressure on the Jaguars to make a deal happen. The Jaguars have all the leverage here and they know Jalen Ramsey isn’t the kind of player who will dog it on the field to force a move.

As we’ve gone over a few times, unless a team is absolutely desperate at the trade deadline in a few weeks and blow the Jaguars away with an offer, I wouldn’t expect a trade to happen in 2019 and the Jaguars to continue to try to repair the relationship with their superstar corner and keep him for the long haul.

Ramsey missed Sunday’s game with a back injury and will miss practice on Wednesday, but the important days for Ramsey to be back at practice are Thursday and Friday.