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Jaguars LB Quincy Williams and Jets DL Quinnen Williams are betting a Corvette Z06 sports car on Sunday’s game

This weekend’s Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets matchup will feature a sibling rivalry of two top draft picks — Jaguars linebacker Quincy Williams and Jets defensive lineman Quinnen Williams.

And the two brothers might or might not have a friendly* bet on the outcome of the game.

*The bet is for a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 because oh my God!

Mark Long: “I’m a little obsessed with your new car situation. Has [your brother Quinnen] seen your new car?”

Quincy Williams: “I mean, actually that’s the bet.”

Mark Long: “That’s the bet?!”

Quincy Williams: “He wants that Z06.”

Mark Long: “You’re betting cars? You’re betting pink slips on this thing?”

Quincy Williams: “I can’t disclose that information. But, I mean... we might be, we might not be.”

They just like me, bro.