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Big Cat Country Q&A: Will the Jaguars really trade Yannick Ngakoue?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions leading up to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Week 8 matchup against the New York Jets!

Keyon from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Is Yannick Ngakoue gone next?

A: I hope not. Yannick is the consummate professional. He’s incredibly productive, an encouraging teammate, and a disciplined learner of the game. If the team trades him away, it would signal a huge breakdown in how this front office operates. I mean no exaggeration in this — if Yannick is traded, you should lose any faith you still have left in this front office. He was drafted at the top of the third round and has produced like a first rounder at one of the top three most important position in football. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him traded, but I would be even more disappointed than when Jalen Ramsey left.

Kevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: has a story about which quarterback we should start once Nick Foles is healthy. All but one of the “experts” believe we should start him over Gardner Minshew. What does the BCC Staff make of this mainstream media opinion, and who do you think is the long term answer for the Jaguars?

A: I can’t speak for everyone, but I think the consensus opinion among all of us here is that Minshew is the future and therefore he’s your present. Benching him for no other reason than the fact that you overpaid for an injury-prone backup is asinine. If the front office oversteps once again and forces Doug Marrone’s hand in starting Foles over Minshew, it would be disastrous. You’ve got a good thing in Minshew, why put his development on pause?

Craig from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Do you see Josh Oliver being able to fulfill his role or do you think the Jaguars should go after a tight end before the trade deadline?

A: I wish I had a good answer on Oliver, but I’ve seen zero from him. He’s had zero targets in one career game and he was drafted as a pass catching tight end so I don’t really care how his run blocking looks. As the offense gets better in the red zone, I’d like to see how he does, but as of now I got nothing. And even if Oliver progresses nicely, I’d like to see the team get aggressive about acquiring a veteran tight end. Austin Hooper and Tyler Eifert are probably on the trade block. I’d send a Day 3 pick for either of them easily.

BigDawg from Tallahassee, FL

Q: With Marcell Dareus likely to miss multiple weeks, would it be smart for Jaguars to make a trade for someone like Geno Atkins?

A: No. Dareus’ injury, while it sucks, is a short-term injury and he’s likely gone after this year anyway. Use this time to get rookie Dontavius Russell some snaps. Besides, next year’s draft has some very good interior defensive linemen. Go get your guy, not somebody else’s.

Michael from Morgantown, WV

Q: Watching the games only lets me know so much about the team and how they are performing. How has the defense really been performing? Why aren’t the turnovers coming except for last week?

A: In short, I think we got spoiled with Sacksonville back in 2017. We should have cherished it more in the moment. They’re still a good defense... not great, but good. I count one game against a generational offense in Week 1 where they weren’t going to win no matter what and one game in Week 5 where they let Christian McCaffrey run all over them. Aside from those two performances, they’ve played well enough to win every game. Week 4 was mediocre in Denver but still good enough to win. That’s four games out of seven where the defense was more than good enough to win. (And in two of those games, they won.)

Chevin from Jacksonville, FL

Q: One day you wake up to find you’re the Jaguars head coach. Nick Foles is healthy and off injured reserve. Are you starting him over Gardner Minshew?

A: “Nick, we appreciate everything you’ve done so far in Jacksonville. But our season is more than halfway over and Gardner has shown himself to be the future. We will do everything we can to find you a situation where we can trade you to a team that needs a quarterback, but we hope that while you’re here you’ll continue to display the level of professionalism that made us want to bring you to Jacksonville in the first place.”