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Jaguars fan wraps hood of car with a mostly naked Gardner Minshew wrestling a tiger

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew is one of the most quickly beloved players in recent history. He’s a legitimate candidate for 2019 Rookie of the Year (so far) and he’s single-handedly won us games.

So it should come as no surprise that fans might want to celebrate Minshew Mania in a permanent way. Usually this means a tattoo.

But not for Dustin Hegedus. No. His love for Minshew is so deep and wide it cannot be contained within a mere tattoo. This required something... bigger.

After last week’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals, Hegedus took to Twitter — if this tweet got 1,500 retweets he would airbrush one of the most erotic, most intimidating depictions of Minshew we had ever seen onto his car.

It took about 24 hours.

And now the city of Jacksonville has this beautiful vehicle roaming its streets thanks to #201Wrap.

God bless you, Dustin. And go Jaguars.