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Sam Darnold definitely doesn’t care that the Jaguars played the Ghostbusters theme song and totally wasn’t bothered by it

New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars won a football game today by a score of 29-15 over the lowly New York Jets. But more importantly... they won the game within the game.

As the two minute warning approached, the TIAA Bank Field staff prepared a video montage of Jets quarterback Sam Darnold doing Sam Darnold things — throwing interceptions, taking sacks, looking flustered, and more. They played it on the world’s largest television screens complete with the Ghostbusters theme song.

If you’ll remember, last week during a blowout loss against the New England Patriots, he went to the sideline and said, “I’m seeing ghosts.” ESPN mics picked it up and aired it, instantly going viral. Gardner Minshew, to his credit, was not a fan of ESPN doing that.

But fans took the absolutely perfect timing of Darnold coming to town days before Halloween to fill the stadium with ghosts — costumes, signs, and more.

Three interceptions, eight sacks, and 167 total passing yards later, Darnold resigned himself to the fact that while he played poorly the ghost references didn’t bother him.

“Well, it is what it is,” Darnold said after the game. “It didn’t affect me. It’s just a silly thing for social media and fans to be able to try to use it against you. But for me, I was just playing bad because I did. I just wasn’t executing out there, I wasn’t playing the balls where they needed to be and — it wasn’t about that, though.”

Sure, Sam.

Go Jaguars.