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Big Cat Country Q&A: Can the Jaguars fix their offensive line with a trade?

Indianapolis Colts v Washington Redskins Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Let’s answer some Jacksonville Jaguars questions as we approach today’s NFL trade deadline!

Rod from Dallas, TX

Q: It’s clear our offensive line is struggling with opening running lanes for Leonard Fournette against a good defensive line. How do you think the front office will address this issue?

A: I don’t think the team will address offensive line today via trade. Doug Marrone has never been the type of guy to mess with an offensive line from when the 53-man roster is first announced. He likes to keep the same group of guys together for the entirety of the season if he can. That said, look for at least one offensive lineman drafted next spring.

Tony from Oviedo, FL

Q: Do you think we trade Nick Foles before the deadline?

A: No. I don’t think anyone is taking on that contract and you’re already midway through the season and in the playoff hunt. The best case scenario is Nick Foles is our backup for the rest of the year and then traded for peanuts next year.

Wes from St. Augustine, FL

Q: It’s obvious we need help at multiple positions, why not trade for a play maker or two, such as a tight end, another free safety, or an offensive lineman?

A: If I had to put money on who the Jaguars are targeting right now in a trade it would be Robby Anderson and O.J. Howard.

Dave from Palm Coast, FL

Q: Should the Jaguars make a move to acquire an established and proven offensive lineman in Trent Williams or roll the dice in the draft?

A: Roll the dice in the draft. This front office has been awful in evaluating free agent offensive linemen, but they’ve been pretty good at drafting them. Also, Trent Williams is going to command way too much in a trade. Washington wants to offload him but they’re willing to hold out for a king’s ransom what with how their season has gone so far. They’re not contending, so they don’t care if they don’t trade him this year.

Jason from Portland, OR

Q: Any news on Jake Ryan’s progress? Will he ever play a down for the Jaguars?

A: I’d be surprised if Jake Ryan played a single snap this season.

Logan from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Q: If the Jaguars don’t intend to re-sign Yannick Ngakoue, or if he is determined to test the open market, do you trade him Tuesday?

A: No. You’re contending for a playoff spot and he’s your best edge rusher. If the Jaguars deal him, it will be after the season is over.

Josh from Wilton Manors, FL

Q: If the team goes all in on Gardner Minshew would there be a trade market for Nick Foles next year? What would be the expected return and what are the pros and cons of trading him?

A: I think there would be a market, but that contract would be a huge hurdle for teams. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got into a Brock Osweiler situation where a team takes his contract on but they want a mid-round draft pick from us to do it.

Bill from Pensacola, FL

Q: Any chance we trade for O.J. Howard?

A: If we get either him or Robby Anderson (or both!) I’d be happy.

Demetrius from Washington D.C.

Q: Who would you compare Gardner Minshew’s play style too right now, and how much do you think a full offseason of development will help him?

A: He kind of reminds me of a combination of Drew Brees and Brett Favre. He’s accurate and he’s smart in his reads, but he does have a bit of a gunslinger in him that causes him to hold the ball too long in the pocket or make a highlight reel with an unbelievable scramble or touchdown. A full offseason is going to help immensely with that fumbling issue and only make him more accurate with the football.

Brandon from Wilkes-Barre, PA

Q: What kind of financial burden would a Trent Williams trade put on us?

A: Too much to consider it. You’d be trading a high draft pick for one year of play before he needs to be re-signed, and I think he’ll command even more than he is right now.