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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets: Week 8 sack analysis

The Jets got two early sacks, but then the Jaguars held firm in protecting Gardner Minshew.

New York Jets v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense finally got back on track against the New York Jets. It took a little bit of time — and repeated head-against-wall moments in the red zone — but a 14-point victory isn’t anything to sneeze at.

But there were still problems with the protection early in the game.

So who was responsible for both of those sacks? Let’s take a look.

Sack #1: 1st & 10 at JAX 15, 4:43 in 1Q

G. Minshew II sacked at JAX 21 for 0 yards (sack split by K. Phillips and Q. Williams).

With the play action (and subsequent stutter step by Ryquell Armstead to pick up Jamal Adams on what looks like a safety blitz) it doesn’t appear that Gardner Minshew has enough time to even set his feet properly and take his first look downfield until Quinnen Williams is in his face. A.J. Cann needs to be able to hold his block for longer than this.

Fault: A.J. Cann

Sack #2: 3rd & 10 at NYJ 36, 13:15 in 2Q

(Shotgun) G. Minshew II sacked at NYJ 42 for -6 yards (J. Willis). FUMBLES (J. Willis), RECOVERED by NYJ-B. Cashman at NYJ 37. B. Cashman to NYJ 37 for no gain (D. Westbrook; R. Armstead).

I know that Gardner Minshew is looking downfield to pick up the first down, but he’s got to have better awareness in the pocket than this. Ryquell Armstead is open over the middle and it would have been great field position to go for it on fourth down.

Fault: Gardner Minshew


The offensive line needs to clean up their early game protections and get into a rhythm sooner, but for a second straight week the rest of the offense did more than enough to win.

2020 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Gardner Minshew 9
Team 7
Jawaan Taylor 4
Tyler Shatley 1
Cam Robinson 1
Doug Marrone 1
James O’Shaughnessy 1
James Robinson 1

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