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Jaguars turned down multiple offers for Jalen Ramsey, per report

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier in the week Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan stated that the team would not be trading star cornerback Jalen Ramsey, despite his request, because it was best for the team for Ramsey to be on the roster. Early Sunday, prior to the team’s kickoff against the Carolina Panthers, ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed that and report that the team has turned down multiple offers, including two first round picks.

The Jaguars have received offers of two first-round picks for Ramsey, but the teams making those offers also wanted a second-round pick back in return along with Ramsey, according to sources.

The Jaguars have stood firm in that they are not going to move Ramsey unless they’re given a “Godfather offer”, and that has not yet materialized. Big Cat Country has repeatedly been told a discussion does not even get started unless the starting point a team comes with is multiple first round picks, however as mentioned by Schefter teams asking for a second in return is a no-go.

There’s also the fact that owner Shad Khan does not want to let players dictate their position on the team and set a precedent.

Ramsey is set to miss his second game in a row with a back injury and is likely to see a specialist about his back.