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D.J. Chark is emerging as a star receiver for the Jaguars

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense, more specifically their passing offense, has been more or less bad since the team released David Garrard back in 2011. There were a few blips, a lot of garbage time, but mostly a lot of wobbly passes. There was some argument if it was the actual quarterback, his weapons or whatever. Thankfully in 2019 the Jaguars passing offense seems to be humming right along with a quarterback, but one of the biggest factors is the emergence of second year wide receiver D.J. Chark.

Prior to the start of this season one of the biggest concerns for Jaguars fans were the weapons that newly signed quarterback Nick Foles would be throwing to. Dede Westbrook was pegged as the breakout star because of how he finished the 2018 season, but it was quickly apparent in OTAs and training camp that Chark might actually be that guy.

Despite a quiet preseason, Chark exploded in Week 1 against the Kansas City Chiefs and he hasn’t looked back. As it stands right now Chark leads the AFC in receiving yardage averaging 18 yards per catch, as well as being second in the NFL in touchdown receptions with five. Chark is on pace to a similar kind of season that former Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson had in his second year in the NFL in 2016, which set franchise records and sent him to the Pro Bowl.

Chark is doing a lot of it similarly to how Robinson did as well, making contested sideline catches deep down the field. While Chark and Robinson are very similar in skill set, Chark might have an even higher upside because of his raw speed. Robinson certainly wasn’t slow, but Chark is starting to look more or less like 2016 Allen Robinson with another gear and that’s exciting.

It’s especially exciting because it seems clear that Chark and rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew II have some chemistry together, as they can’t seem to stop scoring touchdowns. Chark has already more than doubled his production his rookie year, nearly matching it with his numbers against the Carolina Panthers alone.