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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Carolina Panthers: Week 5 sack analysis

Andrew Norwell is a disaster, folks.

NFL: SEP 19 Titans at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars ran 51 plays where Gardner Minshew kept the ball — 44 pass attempts and 7 rushes — and the quarterback was sacked just twice. That doesn’t look too bad on the surface, but both were incredibly impactful plays in the game.

So who was responsible for both? Let’s take a look.

Sack #1: 3rd & 6 at CAR 34, 13:32 in 2Q

(Shotgun) B. Burns 56 Yd Fumble Return (J. Slye Kick)

This isn’t the first time Andrew Norwell has been bull rushed into Gardner Minshew, but the result has never been this damning. He literally causes the fumble here by way of being pushed into Minshew’s throwing arm.

Fault: Andrew Norwell

Sack #2: 2nd & 10 at CAR 39, 2:33 in 4Q

(Shotgun) G. Minshew sacked at CAR 47 for -8 yards (B. Burns). FUMBLES (B. Burns), RECOVERED by CAR-M. Haynes at CAR 45. M. Haynes to JAX 40 for 15 yards (R. Armstead). PENALTY on CAR-M. Paradis, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, 15 yards, enforced at JAX 40.

Brian Burns played like a man on fire today, didn’t he? You might be able to get some of the responsibility off Gardner Minshew and say this was a coverage sack but when you look at the sideline view, you see that Geoff Swaim is the safety valve in the flat on the right side of the field.

Minshew has tried to do too much more than a few times this season, but I’d much rather have a quarterback that needs to dial that back rather than one where you need to teach aggressiveness. I’m confident this will get worked out after his rookie year.

Fault: Gardner Minshew


And that’s it! Two sacks on 51 plays where Minshew was holding the ball. While Norwell only had one sack allowed, it was a disaster of a play and one that caused upwards of a 14-point swing, depending on what Jacksonville was going to come away with on the drive where Minshew fumbled.

2020 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Gardner Minshew 9
Team 7
Jawaan Taylor 4
Tyler Shatley 1
Cam Robinson 1
Doug Marrone 1
James O’Shaughnessy 1
James Robinson 1

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