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Doug Marrone watched NFL RedZone for the first time yesterday and it blew his mind

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars were on a bye week this past weekend. Players were able to visit family, travel, or spend a little time resting. Coaches too — and with head coach Doug Marrone making his decision on starting Nick Foles over Gardner Minshew early in the week, he had a little down time as well this weekend.

And Marrone made a discovery. A big discovery. NFL Red Zone.

Apparently, Marrone didn’t know NFL Red Zone existed and it sounds like it blew his f*cking mind.

“That NFL Network Red Zone? That stuff is crazy. It goes game, to game, to game, it’s crazy! I didn’t know they had that stuff.”

It’s insane to think that an NFL head coach didn’t know NFL Network Red Zone existed, but these guys are insanely busy and truly don’t get a lot of free time during the season. I’m glad Marrone was able to share in one of life’s greatest joys this past weekend.

Bless you, NFL Network Red Zone.