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Colts HC Frank Reich on Nick Foles: “There’s few people that I respect more”

Reich spoke very highly of the Jaguars new starting quarterback, Nick Foles

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The best trait a quarterback can have — aside from arm talent — is his ability to lead a football team. Jaguars quarterback Nick Foles certainly has that according to his former offensive coordinator, Frank Reich. Now with the Indianapolis Colts as the team’s head coach, Reich coached with the Philadelphia Eagles as the team’s offensive coordinator from 2016-2017. In 2017, Reich oversaw an offense which featured Foles at quarterback as he lead the Eagles to a Super Bowl title.

“If you get me start talking about Nick as a person this could be a very long phone call because there are few people like him in this world,” Reich said during a conference call on Wednesday with the local media in Jacksonville. “I mean this guy is a unique human being.”

During his time with the Eagles, Foles was able to take over the locker room simply by being a genuine person on and off the field. Reich says Foles is not a man with “bravado” he doesn’t enter the room and pound his chest, but he has been an example of fantastic leadership by “being humble and confident at the same time.” These qualities are tremendous for a franchise quarterback and something the Jaguars hope to make use of during his time in Jacksonville.

On the football side of things, Reich spoke about Foles’ ability to throw the deep ball. One of his best traits which has been seen many times — especially during the 2017 Super Bowl. “He’s elite in throwing the ball down the field as a deep passer,” Reich said. “He’s at the top. Take all the guys that throw a great deep ball -- he’s in there in that discussion. He can throw from every arm angle. He has a unique way -- it’s the point guard in him -- he was a very good basketball player, point guard.”

One of the differences between Gardner Minshew II and Foles has been arm strength, and their ability to stay calm in the pocket. Reich feels Foles absolutely has both and went on to praise the quarterback’s ability to stay in the pocket under pressure and getting the ball out from all angles. Foles has shown in the past that he is fantastic in the pocket — especially under pressure.

Reich made sure to mention how impressed he was by what Minshew was able to accomplish in his eight games starting for the Jaguars. “First I’d say that Minshew did an amazing job. I mean I was like everybody else, I was really impressed and enjoyed -- it was kinda fun just watching him do what he did, and I think he did a great job coming in under the circumstances, he played very well.”

Minshew did play well, however with Foles ready to go Riech says that “there’s no question that you get a guy like Nick back under center who has seen it all, done it all on the biggest stage, against the best opponents and he’s done it time and time again.” Adding, “You can say all the positive things you want about Minshew, and he did great, but Nick’s presence and his play will certainly be a boost.”

Whether it is making all the right reads or throws, Riech believes that the Jaguars have a fantastic quarterback in Foles. Jacksonville will find out very quickly when Foles faces the Colts on Sunday if he is prepared to do what his old ball coach expects him to do.