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Big Cat Country Q&A: Will Nick Foles really make us better in the red zone?

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars facing the Indianapolis Colts in Week 10!

Jay from Rochester, NY

Q: Based on what you have seen from the Jaguars this year, what direction do you think the organization goes with our first round picks next year? Jeff Okudah, Kristian Fulton, and Isaiah Simmons have to be somewhat on the radar I would think.

A: I really, really like Isaiah Simmons. Packing this defense full of hybrid athletes would be fun to watch and (for the most part) it’s been successful. Josh Allen is having a hell of a rookie campaign and Myles Jack is the linebacker for the foreseeable future. So... linebacker and possibly cornerback? I would have said wide receiver a few weeks ago, but this draft is so incredibly deep at receiver that I could see us waiting until the second round to grab one. Dark horse might be an interior offensive lineman.

Brian from Tampa, FL

Q: What do you expect the final to be on Sunday?

A: Jaguars win 23-17.

Kevin from Charleston, SC

Q: Would you agree that Taven Bryan is somewhat improving this season?

A: There’s no “somewhat” about it. He’s definitely improving. Is he where a first round pick should be? No. But he’s still got time.

Andrew from Fort Wayne, IN

Q: Can you rank the offensive linemen in order of who is helping the team the most?

A: From best to worst — Brandon Linder, Cam Robinson, Jawaan Taylor, Will Richardson, Andrew Norwell, and A.J. Cann. This team needs some help at guard in the worst way.

Jon from Honolulu, HI

Q: Should this season end without a playoff berth, the front office personnel is going to change. Does a new front office affect resigning Yannick Ngakoue?

A: I think a new front office makes re-signing Ngakoue a top priority.

Brian from Yulee, FL

Q: Do you expect improvement in red zone efficiency under Nick Foles? Are the challenges in this area more attributable to the offensive line?

A: Yes, I expect better red zone play out of the offense under Foles if for no other reason than head coach Doug Marrone literally said that. I think it played a big part in his decision to move away from Gardner Minshew. Foles is also good against the blitz and I predict we’ll have more frequent visits to the red zone too. Demetrius wrote a great piece about it earlier this week and you should give it a read but the long and short of it is that Foles will be much more accurate and has produced more points per average drive into the red zone than Minshew did. As far as the offensive line, it has to be better in the red zone. It just looks like they’re getting overpowered near the goal line. Play calling and execution aren’t helping, but the offensive line needs to stop wilting in the red zone.

James from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Can you stop doing Bet Your Mortgages or let someone else do it? You are absolutely God awful at it.

A: I am 5-5 on Bet Your Mortgage bets through the first 10 weeks and in the green on overall bets. So... no.

Esme from London, UK

Q: In which positions do you believe the Jaguars have genuine Super Bowl-winning/playoff reaching talent and in which positions is this lacking?

A: That’s a really great question. I’d say we have talent enough to reach the playoffs at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, defensive line, cornerback, safeties, and special teams. What’s holding this team back is injuries and inconsistent play out of the tight ends, linebackers, and offensive line. The offensive line deficiencies are hurting us the most.

Arthur from Drexel Hill, PA

Q: Cam Robinson will be moved to left guard in the next few seasons — true or false?

A: False.