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Week 11 NFL odds: Best lines to play and bet your mortgage on the New England Patriots

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

We’re 10 weeks into the NFL season and we are back at dead even on the money. Think of it as a free way to enjoy meaningless football games that you wouldn’t have cared about anyway.

(This is how I am currently explaining it to my wife as she checks our joint bank account. It’s not working. Please send help.)

How does Week 11 look and what are the best games to throw some money at? Let’s check it out!

Note: I used Bovada’s odds on Sunday morning.

Dallas Cowboys (-7.5) at Detroit Lions

The Lions have no run game and if not for a (kind of?) garbage time touchdown would have lost by two scores to the Chicago Bears.

Bet on the Cowboys to win in a blowout.

Oakland Raiders (-13) vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati is the worst team in the NFL right now with the worst roster. Asking them to make a cross country trip and cover a nearly two-touchdown line is gonna be tough.

Bet on the Raiders to win in a blowout.

New England Patriots (-5) at Philadelphia Eagles

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick after a bye week against that Eagles secondary? Yes, please.

Bet on the Patriots to win by a touchdown.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) at Indianapolis Colts

If the Colts weren’t so banged up, I’d give them the nod. But Jacksonville has had a bye week to prepare and they’re the healthier roster.

Bet on the Jaguars to either keep it close.

Overall: 20-20-0

Bet Your Mortgage: 5-5-0