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Jaguars vs. Colts final score: Nick Foles, bad run defense lead to embarrassing 33-13 loss

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars stunk out loud today, losing 33-13 to the Indianapolis Colts.

They had a bye week to prepare. They were up against an injured opponent without many top players at several positions. They knocked Marlon Mack out for nearly the entire second half. They had Jacoby Brissett on one leg, and a healthy Nick Foles, and a Pro Bowl caliber running back in Leonard Fournette...

And it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t even close to enough.

Foles looked rusty all game. The second drive of the game included a 34-yard catch-and-run touchdown by DJ Chark over the middle, but aside from that they scored six points.

Fournette saw just eight carries all game. Eight. He was on the sidelines during several key third downs early in the game when momentum could have shifted differently. It didn’t. He ended the game with 57 total yards.

Ben Koyack had twice as many receiving yards as third round draft pick Josh Oliver. Koyack only had nine yards.

And that’s just on offense.

Indianapolis rushed for 264 yards today, their best day on the ground in over a decade. They averaged over 7.3 yards per carry. They had 10 runs of 10 or more yards. Colts running backs broke probably two dozen tackles, and that’s not an exaggeration. Indianapolis had two running backs that went for more than 100 yards for the first time in franchise history.

Brissett, on one good leg, completed nearly two-thirds of his passes, ran for one touchdown and scrambled to buy time for another.

It was over by the start of the third quarter and it was a game that felt eerily similar to the Gus Bradley era when teams would get up by a touchdown or two and a loss felt inevitable. Our fears were confirmed when it went from 17-7 to 24-7 to 31-7 to the final pick-two on an interception during the two-point conversion.

To pin a game like this solely on Foles is dumb. Everyone was bad. Everyone. Well, maybe not the punter. Everyone else. But Foles was still bad today — underthrowing receivers, throwing an interception of his back foot, questionable reads all game — and you don’t pay a guy $88 million to be this bad.

Overall, it was Doug Marrone’s worst loss in his tenure as head coach of this team. It was a failure in all three phases. It seals the fact that the Jaguars aren’t playing for anything more than pride the rest of the year.

And it’s not even Thanksgiving.