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Big Cat Country Q&A: When is Todd Wash getting fired?

New Orleans Saints v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Let’s answer some questions after a truly embarrassing Jacksonville Jaguars loss to the Indianapolis Colts!

Cnote007 from Jacksonville, FL

Q: Why haven’t we done anything to fix the linebacker core? And when is Telvin Smith coming back?

A: What else can we do? One of our starters retired before the season began, another one got an extension and started underperforming, and our third is likely never to see the field this year. We drafted a couple of projects but they both need more time. We signed some guys who are doing what they can, but there’s a reason why they were street free agents. Help is not on the way. They’re trying to patch together the linebacker position and it’s just not going well. As far as Telvin coming back, I don’t know if he ever does. But it won’t be before the coaching staff and front office are fired.

Josh from Dayton, OH

Q: Do you expect there to be some sort of leash on Nick Foles or is he going to finish out the year no matter how bad he plays?

A: Unfortunately, I think Foles is the guy under center unless he gets injured again.

Andrew from Thibodaux, LA

Q: Is this it for Todd Wash?

A: He should have been fired after the 2016 season, honestly. Or after last year. Or after the Carolina Panthers ran the same play repeatedly and were successful. Or after Carlos Hyde ran all over us twice in the same season. Or after allowing the Indianapolis Colts to have two 100 yard rushers for the first time yesterday. Or...

Wes from St. Augustine, FL

Q: It’s clear that our run defense is an issue... so, do you think we draft defense with our two first round picks and sign Yannick Ngakoue to a bigger contract?

A: The extremely smart play would be to re-sign Ngakoue and use one of those first round picks on a defensive tackle. Interior defensive line was an underrated need headed into this season. It’s no longer underrated.

Brandon from Jacksonville, FL

Q: The run defense has looked suspect through the first two weeks. How concerned are you with the Titans coming to town, considering they would likely want nothing more than to run the ball 40 times in the game?

A: I am very concerned. I think that aside from Gardner Minshew’s play, the run defense will be the greatest contributor to a win or a loss.

Mike from Annandale, VA

Q: Old habits die hard for John DeFilippo apparently. Does he not realize he has a top-10 running back in Leonard Fournette in his backfield? 15 total touches and only eight carries isn’t going to help much at all.

A: We should have seen this coming. It’s extremely frustrating. They pinned all their hopes on Nick Foles and let him throw 47 times and the guy didn’t even top 300 yards. It’s disgusting.

Derek from Brereton, WA

Q: Is this team destined for mediocrity? At what point does somebody who understands football step in and take the reigns?

A: This team is destined for mediocrity as long as the person who owns the team doesn’t care to be better than mediocre.

Jef from Midland, TX

Q: Should we wait one more week before we really start looking at mock drafts seriously?

A: Jacksonville needs to put together a six game winning streak to make the playoffs. They haven’t had a six-game winning streak since 1999. If you want to look at mock drafts and draft profiles this week, be our guest.

Doug from Orlando, FL

Q: What the fuck?

A: Agree.