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Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans: Week 12 sack analysis

I’m so very, very tired of this team.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars offense tried to get back on track with their return to Nashville to face the Tennessee Titans.


It was another day that saw 50+ passing plays called and multiple sacks given up. Unlike last week, however, the defense bore the brunt for the loss, but the offense was not without its mistakes.

So who was responsible for the three sacks that Tennessee got on Sunday? Let’s take a look.

Sack #1: 3rd & 15 at TEN 33, 9:36 in 1Q

(Shotgun) N. Foles sacked at TEN 41 for -8 yards (H. Landry).

It’s pretty clear who’s at fault. The protection has to hold up longer than the 1.7 seconds it did here before Nick Foles sees Harold Landry coming inside and has to go down.

Fault: Leonard Fournette

Sack #2: 2nd & 7 at JAX 15, 9:06 in 4Q

(Shotgun) N. Foles sacked at JAX 9 for -6 yards (K. Vaccaro).

Without knowing the protection call, I have to assume that A.J. Cann is not supposed to get drawn that far into the center and instead should have stayed in his zone. If he had, Nick Foles has at least a little more time to look down field.

Fault: A.J. Cann

Sack #3: 4th & 4 at TEN 32, 1:43 in 4Q

(Shotgun) N. Foles sacked at TEN 38 for -6 yards (R. Evans).

If there wasn’t just 1:43 left in the game and the team wasn’t down multiple touchdowns, I’d say this on Nick Foles to not get the ball out to Leonard Fournette in the flat to try and let him get the first down. DJ Chark and Chris Conley (the outside receivers) have chances at this too as they both found soft spots in the coverage.

But it’s not about getting the first down, it’s about scoring a touchdown — or at least getting very close — and the offensive line (specifically rookie right tackle Jawaan Taylor) can’t be bullied into the pocket like that.

Fault: Jawaan Taylor


Back-to-back AFC South losses. Back-to-back games where 50+ passing plays were called. Good grief.

2020 sack totals

Player Sacks
Player Sacks
Gardner Minshew 9
Team 7
Jawaan Taylor 4
Tyler Shatley 1
Cam Robinson 1
Doug Marrone 1
James O’Shaughnessy 1
James Robinson 1

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