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The Morning After: Jacksonville Jaguars news and coffee — Santa Minshew Delivers

Monday morning Jaguars news around the web as Santa Minshew delivers a victory

Jacksonville Jaguars v Oakland Raiders Jason O. Watson/Getty Images

I am standing in line for entry into the ‘Meet n Grease’ movie sing-a-long event at Daily’s Place. There are a total of 8 in our group, with the most important being my daughter, whose 20th birthday we are celebrating. My cell phone is streaming the game. My daughter and I are transfixed on what his happening. The Oakland Raiders have missed two field goal attempts, and Gardner Minshew is in the process of leading a 4th quarter comeback.

My friend Steve, “Numb Steve” I call him, is telling me to put the phone away because the team is nothing but disappointing. Steve is not alone, and as a long standing season ticket holder Steve’s frustration is based on too many weekends spent leaving TIAA field with the film of a Jaguars loss.

Those around me, dressed in their best “Grease” attire, are oblivious to the happenings, occasionally glancing our way to figure out why we are being so loud.

Our passion for this game goes beyond simply being Jaguars fans. My daughter’s first Jaguars game was the 49-11 victory over the Raiders on December 23, 2007. For those who don’t recall the game, it is remembered for a Warren Sapp meltdown that saw him get four personal foul penalties, and an eventual ejection. It also consisted of, according to my daughter, a Jaguars player getting roughed up on the sideline by another Raiders player, but that I do not recall.

This memory is seared in her mind, and it frames her hatred for the silver and black.

My prediction for this game was 42-10 Oakland. Why should I think otherwise? My daughter, however, refused to believe Jacksonville would lose to the emblem of her disdain on her birthday. West coast record be damned! Historical run of loses, get thee behind me!

So here we stand, two passionate fans of the movie “Grease”, ready to sing our throats sore, caring for nothing but this amazing scene playing on this tiny screen. Soon, Steve has joined the viewing on his own phone. Next, our entire crew is immersed in the comeback, even the girls who care nothing about football. They are now nervous.

As we approach the security check point, the lot of us are high-fiving the Gardner Minshew touchdown pass to Chris Conley. Soon after getting through security we erupt with joy as the Raiders final Hail Mary attempt fails. The Jaguars cheerleaders erupt, and we are all hugging each other with delight as Gardner Minshew delivers a much needed victory just in time for Christmas. But for my daughter, it’s something else.

Happy Birthday Sara!

Your weekly tweet of hope. REDEFINE THE POSSIBLE!

Grab your coffee, and read some links.

Big Cat Country gems

Demetrius reflects on the historic victory.

Ryan shares the Black Hole chaos.

Ryan shares a video of the pro-Minshew game chants.

Around the internet

Minshew doesn’t care about your math!

Minshew makes the argument to be the 2020 starter

The Jaguars’ quarterback situation is murky for 2020 and beyond. Nick Foles will in the second year of the four-year, $88 million contract he signed this past March and carries a $33.875 million dead salary cap hit. He played poorly after he regained is starting job after his collarbone injury and Minshew needed to finish the season strong to have a case to unseat him as the starter again.

Minshew should be the starter in 2020.

The Jaguars remarkable 20-16 comeback victory against the Oakland Raiders Sunday probably won’t have much impact on the decisions likely ahead to shape the franchise’s direction for 2020.

Whatever gets decided, Gardner Minshew should be the team’s starting quarterback next season and beyond and not Nick Foles, despite his four-year, $88 million contract and $50.1 million in guaranteed money.

Raiders report card.

Fans mercilessly booed players who stayed on the field to pay respects, even those who tried to engage directly with fans. Objects were thrown on the field. Somebody even sent a perfectly good plate of nachos toward the grass in disgust.

There was nothing redeeming about the end, a failure in every phase down the stretch. That included Derek Carr’s final Hail Mary pass, which hit Keelan Doss in the helmet and tumbled harmlessly to the turf.

Yan has nothing more to prove.

In a contract year, Ngakoue has only gotten better as the season has progressed. He has eight sacks, three forced fumbles, 11 tackles for loss and one interception returned for a touchdown this season. After holding out for a payday this past training camp, Ngakoue bet on himself to produce in 2019. So far, he has done so.

A memorable comeback courtesy of Minshew.

This season will be a disappointment. However, at least these Jaguars (5-9) managed to avoid ending the season in utter humiliation.

The five-game run of losses by at least 17 points is over. The possibility of a franchise-worst eight-game losing streak to close the season is over.

The rookie quarterback saved them.

A happy O-Zone.

David from Maplewood, NJ : John, I don’t care what anybody says … I like winning ... it’s like better than losing!

We’re quoting Ebby Calvin “Nuke” LaLoosh in the O-Zone. So, for the Jaguars – and their fans – ‘tis indeed a good day.


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