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Tom Coughlin fined Leonard Fournette $99k for... sitting down?

The hits just keep coming for the Jacksonville Jaguars, don’t they?

After the NFL Players Association reported that 25 percent of players grievances over the past two years have been filed against the Jaguars, former players chimed in to drink a tall glass of I Told You So — causing 94 percent of fans to say that Tom Coughlin should have been fired already.

And now we’re learning that bell-cow running back Leonard Fournette was fined $99,000 for the crime of... sitting down on the bench during a game?

It’s all just petty bullshit at this point. None of it gives the Jaguars a competitive advantage. In fact, it’s had the adverse effect — the players here have low morale and are distracted while potential free agent signings are far less likely to come to Jacksonville.

Tom Coughlin is ruining this franchise for the second time and Shad Khan is doing nothing about it.