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Jaguars only choice is to start Gardner Minshew rest of 2019

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars lost their fourth game in a row on Sunday, in blowout fashion, to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and unofficially officially out of any 2019 playoff race. The Jaguars offense came out like a wet fart, turning the ball over three times on their first three possessions and then going three and out on the rest for the half. Veteran quarterback Nick Foles, who was in his third game back from a broken clavicle, struggled mightily and was finally benched at half time.

“I just thought it was going to give us the best chance to win. I really did,” Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone said after Sunday’s loss. “I don’t think any decision like that is easy. It’s very painful because you know it’s not just one person. I look at it as if I ever have to bench someone or pull someone or whatever words we want to [use], it’s a direct reflection on me in not having guys ready or whatever it may be. It’s not easy, those are the decisions that have to be made.”

The decision was pretty easy to make and honestly I was surprised they waited until half time, but as I tweeted during the game right after Foles’ third turnover in as many drives, once you bench Foles he’s done for good.

Marrone said after the game he hadn’t made a decision yet at quarterback that he was ready to announce publicly and wanted to talk to the players first, but I have a hard time imagining a scenario where his decision isn’t Minshew for the rest of the 2019 season.

You’re 4-8, you’re not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet, but you’re not making them at a top end of 8-8. Really, the only choice you have is to put Minshew back out there, who at this point is clearly the better chance to win games, and let him continue the development he showed during his eight starts prior to Foles coming back.

The wins and losses the last four games of the season really don’t matter, it’s now all about reps for rookies like Josh Allen and Minshew and figuring out where to go for 2020.

In all honesty, there’s probably no reason for Foles to even be active the final four games of the season because even if Minshew gets hurt, you don’t want Foles getting hurt and being forced to keep him on the books in 2020.